terça-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2009

Na casa de Shelob

Música de Cirith Ungol* do disco King of the Dead, chamada "Atom Smasher":

Welcome to the brave new world
The Future's here, or haven't you heard?
The sons of man have fell from grace
Till the Smasher comes to save his race

Here it comes, there it goes
Just a flash in the sky
Atom smasher, here he comes
Better run for your lives

He is the hero of the atom age
Born in a test tube raised in a cage
A reaver King his throne defiled
Roaming the streets to the call of the wild

As upstarts strive to rule the world
Against them Chaos legions hurled
The Smashers force has swept the land
Again begins the Dawn of Man

Quem porventura escutar, pode sentir uma influência de "2112" do Rush, não?

* Cirith Ungol também é um ótimo local para se passar o Carnaval...

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